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There is an overproduction in the world, this gives a lot of waste. Of the remaining, non traditional, material we like to make objects to surprise the viewer and create awareness. The advantage of this process is that we are not bonded to a single country. We have started with money since in a few years time this will be the "new waste". What is the value of things? And how do you measure that value? A garment made of a cloth of 45 euros can cost about 2000 euro. How can that be? Questions questions questions …. Especially in times of crisis, people are more aware of prices and values. When you start to use real money in your work, the most common reaction is, that people do not believe it is real money. It is just paper……. we are trying to show money in a different perspective. We are just observers in this process, and open to the reactions people give towards this performance. We started this performance on 11 september 2012 in Barcelona